Lucina Unfinished Reference

Partial reference sheet for Lucina

Lucina [luˈkiː.na] is a spirit somewhere between a dryad and a land god. She occupies the area around a high elevation glacial pond, near the peak of a mountain. Her being is tied to the land via the roots of an ancient bristlecone pine which stands beside the water. Despite being anchored thus, her influence and power span a great distance: reaching to any point where the wind has carried a seed of the tree and all points down the thin stream that flows from the ice-fed pond.

Lucina may appear as an animal or as an humanoid, or any combination of the two. She is a generally stoic person, not without a hint of mischief. (What would a nature spirit be without just a hint of mischief?) Hikers and backpackers who chance upon her domain can look forward to maternal advice, a gentle song, wrathful violence, an empathetic ear, or a sensual lover…depending upon what mentality they bring into her presence. Those who don’t bring darkness with them leave refreshed and healed. Those who do bring darkness…don’t leave.

When she appears as a physical being, her body presents itself as being of the same material as the twisted pine beside her pond. Bare wood, bark, and needles may take any arrangement, never exactly the same with each manifestation. Modesty doesn’t occur to her, so people stumbling upon her domain are often startled by her casual nudity. Equally startling is the tactile experience of her body. Despite appearing as wood, her flesh is as warm and soft to the touch as any mammal. When wrathful, the usual warm light within her burns with a more furious brightness, as a tree whose heartwood was ignited by lightning strike.

Lucina is a sexual being, happy to express herself alone or with companions. She is polyamorous, after a fashion. Romantic love does not find a seat within her, but she does lover her fellow beings. Both on whim and at random, her gender may present as male, female, or some ambiguous middle ground. The extremes of dominance and submission do not apply to her sexuality. Instead, she shares the act of sex on equal ground with her partners.

Lucina has a long memory, and will greet people whom she has not seen in ages as if they had only parted the day before.

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