Quiction Exercise #2 – Here Today, Gone Tamales

Here’s a new quiction piece, prompted by @TheGhostGoat on Twitter. “777 words on the phrase “somebody that I used to know”.” was the challenge. Here’s 777 words, on the dot, loosely related to that theme. This one leans into the furry sphere: fair warning for those who don’t hold with that sort of carry on.

Chapter 6 of Recovery Efforts

Cat’s Got Your Tongue Alder’s low whistle echoed off the walls of the expansive hotel room as he and Cat dropped their belongings next to the chest of drawers that occupied the wall closest to the door. An enormous window before them opened onto a balcony that overlooked a small stretch of coastline north of Sydney. Inside the room, a broad bed with a rich, dark brown comforter occupied about a third of the floor space, tucked back against one wall. The table, chairs, armoire, and chest of drawers all had simple, elegant lines. Mounted on the wall over the dresser was a wide television. The bathroom door stood open near the door to the corridor. Inside, they saw spotless white tiles leading to a walk-in shower and a tub that could have comfortably fit four people. Both of them shed their boots near the door and left them against …

Chapter 5 of Recovery Efforts

Alder woke to the head-splitting sound of the camp’s morning alarm. The crisp, clear chime pierced the tent fabric and his eardrums, lodging somewhere behind his sinuses. It stopped after thirty seconds, but the damage was done. He licked his lips. Morning whiskey breath and dehydration, bud? Aside from the headache and dry mouth, he was in head-to-toe pain. Nothing a few anti-inflammatories wouldn’t fail miserably to fix…

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