Well, Time Flew

Well, Time Flew

It has been a long time since I made a peep on this site. I won’t even look back at the date of the most recent post. I’m going to try to give a reasonable synopsis of what the fuck has been going on.

So, first…welcome back (or just welcome, if you’re new here)! I’ve missed you, unless you’re a newbie or the, like, three people I’ve been talking with regularly. Fuck it, even then, I miss ya. Once upon a time, I had a fair rhythm going of writing, editing, and posting stories. That went to hell a few years back, even before the world nose-dived into the abyss of pandemia and Western fascist fuckwittery. Shit’s been busy and wearisome.

The Reader’s Digest version is that my son came out as transgender, rumbling of a nasty virus started kicking up, my maternal grandmother died, the nasty virus blew into a full pandemic, the U.S. pulled a half-assed lockdown, my job went remote then just went away, I found another job, Arkansas decided to legislate care for transgender minors out of existence, we fled the state to settle in New Mexico, we got the sapling enrolled in online school, we proceeded to do absolutely no settling, my wife switched jobs, my stepfather died, our dog died, we adopted a kitten, we bought a house, we moved my mother to New Mexico and helped her get an apartment, we started renovating the house, we moved into the house, we struggled with heating and internet and a dying water heater and frozen pipes, we moved my mother-in-law to New Mexico and helped her get an apartment, my mom bought a house, I got a new job, we started helping my mother renovate her house (before we’d even finished renovating ours), we started helping my mother-in-law look for a house, I was sent to Roswell for a month and a half for a business trip, while I was down there we adopted another kitten, my son finished high school, I got back home in time to help my mother move into her new house, my coworker was fired, I was given additional duties, and now I’m typing all of this into the most inadequate condensed version conceivable.

If anyone has wondered why Old Pines hasn’t been doing much writing, my dear friends and readers, him is fucking exhausted all the goddamn time.

Things may change, more writing may happen. There may even be more posts and such, whether it be random poetry and short stories or just little blog posts, like this one.

My Curious Cat accounts remain open, and I’m going to try to get back into messing with them. My Twitter remains open and is fairly active. I still chat with a handful of folks on Telegram. Any of y’all are welcome to hop on anywhere and drop me a question or a message. I’m terrible at being a friend-like entity, but I do want to be and kinda half-ass try. I’m always down to chat.

Thank you all for being patient, for being readers, for being friends, and for being just generally fucking wonderful people.

Take care of yourselves and others.


Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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