White Sands

Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle outside Cloudcroft, NM (White Sands National Park in the distance at the right)
There was a lovely thunderstorm the night of March 13 that peppered us with pea-sized hail in Roswell. There were still a few lingering puddles in the parking lots at White Sands.
In places, the dunes feel like they could go on forever.
The park and its namesake missile range take up a large portion of the Tularosa Basin, along with the Malpais lava flow. The San Andres Mountains to the west and Sacramento Mountains to the east frame this basin as steadfast sentinels.
This sand dune is really enjoying the nice weather. (My sapling and I are idiots and furries, we make no apologies.)
Even at small scales, there is beauty manifest in every corner of White Sands.
Speaking of small scales…
The park allows backcountry hiking and camping, by permit. The prospect of overnighting in the dunes is extremely tempting.
Yuccas are some of the most aesthetically pleasing plants on earth.
Seriously, look at the little punk goddesses.
Final shot from my phone. I would live on these sands, if I could.

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