Wintertime Secess

Dearest reader(s) [and you other poor bastards upon whom I foist the senseless, reeking, tiresome mediocrity that constitutes a fair textual summation of the depth of my character]:

Thank you for putting your eyes upon my words. You’ll never understand just how much it means to me that you’ve taken precious minutes out of your life to read my drivel.

Thank you for interacting with me on Twitter and giving me a sense of community that, frankly, I cannot sustain in the flesh.

Thank you for sending your questions, serious and whimsical, to my Curious Cat. Answering them never ceases to lift my spirits.

This website has been active for a little under a year. I wish I could say that I had approached it with a greater sense of purpose, even though I’ve approached it with about as much purpose as I can muster. The stories I’ve started posting haven’t gone very far and the Quiction side project has all but withered on the vine. All in all, this passion project of mine has been delightful, but largely neglected.

Life right now is a tempest of challenges. I can’t walk for the lashing rain or the pounding surf, or…more importantly…there are more important things I should be doing than walking. As such, I’m hanging up my colorful plastic Author Cap, with its bright silver star-shaped stickers and crayon stains. I’ll call it a “hiatus”, but there’s no telling how long I’ll be pulling the cap back down from its peg or whether that’ll be indefinitely.

There’s one project that I need to conclude for someone. A textual dress that is as yet only roughly laid out in muslin. After that, we’ll see.

I’m going to be making a lot less noise on Twitter and will probably slow down on responding to CC questions, too. If you’re looking to keep up with me in a more one-on-one format, you can DM me on Twitter or message me on Telegram (old_pines on either platform). This website will expire in January…I’m still trying to decide whether to renew it or to let it go.

This is the part where I repeat my thanks from above and close in an awkwardly abrupt manner.

Thanks again for reading and for interacting. Here’s hoping we can either remain connected somehow or reconnect on the other side of winter.

Some evergreen I turned out to be.


Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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