Shared Experience

A wedding party joins the bride-and-groom-to-be for surprise excursion that ends up being more of a surprise than the attendees anticipated. This LGBT+ inclusive erotic vignette features anthropomorphic animal characters. I respect if that’s not your cup of tea. For those whose cup of tea it is—and those who don’t mind sipping from other than their usual fare—I thank you for visiting and reading. Feedback is welcome, indeed encouraged. A shiver ripples up your back, triggered by the growing murmur of voices in the lobby. It isn’t crowded, but the dark granite of the floor and walls picks up the voices and multiplies them into a pervasive drone. The slender figures of a tall cheetah and taller greyhound stand at the reception counter opposite the entrance. They kept details of tonight’s event quiet from all of you, and most of the invitees are abuzz with six months worth of accumulated …

WIP/Tidbit/Fragment 1

Life continues to be life and the blades of our enshittened fan continue to turn. At a certain level, I know that completely falling off the radar is a Big No-No™ for someone trying to pass themself off as a writer. What about building an audience? What about keeping content fresh and available? Yes, yes, I know. In the interest of at least having something new to post, I’m sharing a fragmentary WIP that is somewhere in the “things that I may work on eventually” pile. This fragment is probably about a year old. It started as me jotting down a sentence or two of an idea so I could remember and tinker with it later. As is fairly common with me, I couldn’t stop once I started typing. The only thing that kept it from turning into a full-blown first draft of a short story was a severe restriction …

Quiction Exercise #2 – Here Today, Gone Tamales

Here’s a new quiction piece, prompted by @TheGhostGoat on Twitter. “777 words on the phrase “somebody that I used to know”.” was the challenge. Here’s 777 words, on the dot, loosely related to that theme. This one leans into the furry sphere: fair warning for those who don’t hold with that sort of carry on.

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