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(Get it? ‘Cause…’cause tree —> log? Right? Right? Hahahaaa…hmm)

Hey! Welcome to the non-fiction portion of OldPines.wtf. Entries here will range from ranting or venting (whatever you kids call it these days) to hopefully more positive shit. If you get persnickety about the liberal use of profane language, you might want to give this section a pass. Some of the rantier/ventier (those are words, yeah? Yeah.) posts will have a non-zero probability of containing paragraph-sized blocks of FUCKs and CUNTs and SONSABITCHES (a golden oldie). That’s just a fair warning for you.

Comments aren’t discouraged, but if OP is already in the sort of agitated headspace where they’re suggesting that X company or Y individual swallow a baker’s dozen of cow dicks and choke on the thirteenth one (despite cows lacking penises…more of a bull thing, that), they’re probably not going to be particularly receptive to trite remarks. You don’t have to mollycoddle OP, but perhaps don’t be a snide asshole and maybe sit on advice unless it’s requested? Thanks kindly.


Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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