Long Fiction

Stories in this category will exceed twenty thousand words. The majority of the works published under Long Fiction will be broken into manageable segments. In the case of novel-length works, like Recovery Efforts and Through Fire, the segments will be chapters. Novella-length works, when they appear, will likely be broken into parts.

Works to Finish:

Through Fire

Waking from over twenty million years in hibernation a creature born among the stars and living on an Earth-like world discovers a changed landscape. The heat of her body burns everything around her as she explores, and this convinces the nearest humans — another novelty to her — that a demon is on its way to destroy them. They place a sacrifice in her path. When she meets the sacrifice, a cascade begins that alters them both.

Recovery Efforts

Anthropomorphic puma, Alder, is at the end of his rope. He’s been helping with search efforts in the rubble of an earthquake, and the experience has exhausted him physically and emotionally. Catarìa, an anthropomorphic rabbit, finds Alder slouched on a mound of debris at sunset and calls out to him. They return to the tent city that houses volunteers and she invites him over to her tent for drinks. The conversation that follows pulls the two of them closer than either were prepared for. The morning brings a question: how much farther do they want to take it? (Due to sexual situations and themes involving alcohol/substance abuse, domestic violence, and childhood sexual trauma, this story is age restricted.)

What tales follow?

Little else will be in the works until the two above are fully posted to the site. Short story activity will slowly filter in, too.

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