Through Fire

It started with a question to myself: what if dragons were not the magical, fire-breathing reptiles of fairy tales but a race of celestial creatures who lived for eons and whose presence on or near planets led to the advent of life on those planets. Not creators, but pollinators. Nearly immortal beings who feed on electromagnetic radiation by absorbing it through their skin. Their only waste is thermal radiation. They are beasts cloaked in shadow.

From that point, Through Fire has followed a bizarre course. The central characters are Ishné and Cae. Ishné, one of the dragon-analogs in question, awakens from a long hibernation on a world crawling with unfamiliar life. She explores the terrain and meets Cae, who is being sacrificed to appease a demon of fire who has descended from the mountains. Ishné, confused by the circumstances, speaks with the girl and learns that this little human is considered cursed by the people who have enslaved her. She is special, indeed, being impervious to fire. Ishné helps the girl escape and resolves to learn more about the changed world from the little creature.

Initially there were only human characters and Ishné. I ended up having so much fun writing anthropomorphic animals that I brought some of those characteristics into a race of people in this world, as well. More thing will likely change as things progress. This is still very much a work-in-progress

Comments and constructive feedback are welcome.

Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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