Short Fiction

Well Tiny Fiction

Short Fiction, for the most part, will be less than 20,000 words in length. These could be fully fleshed-out narratives or rough vignettes. The former may (probably will) be rejected submissions to anthologies. They’ll be reworked before posting, hopefully lifting them slightly above rejection quality. Who knows?

The vignettes will typically take the form of “quiction”—a portmanteau of “quick” and “fiction”, not “quick” and “question”. These will often be generated via prompts from social media. The posted stories will be single-draft works with no editorial passes. They are, in essence, brief writing exercises. If you’re here and feel like throwing in a quiction prompt, feel free to comment below.

The guidelines for quiction prompts are as follows:

– maximum word count of the finished piece is 2,000

– genre is flexible (can be scifi, fantasy, western, noir, horror, romance, etc.)

– content may range from all-ages to mature (mature-rated stories will age-locked)

– the prompter may increase the challenge level by specifying an exact word count for the story

Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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