W? T? F?

Well…this first:

Welcome to oldpines.wtf! It’s wonderful to see you here. A brief note, to start us off on the right foot: this is a site for mature individuals. No, not an octogenarian dating site, a site for adults. No, not an Adult Site™, a site for grown-ups. Better?

Good, good.

Topics will be discussed which are not for minors: these will be appropriately tucked away. The topics, not the minors. Children should be tucked away appropriately as well, mind; and not, for instance, inside trenchcoats in groups of three. You’ll be asked to confirm that you are not three children in a trenchcoat if you are about to enter a “sensitive” part of the site.

There will be, as they say, lapses into the vernacular. The author is terribly fond of a good swear. You will see shits and damns and fucks aplenty. You will also see the odd cunt. “Who’s that?” you’re probably wondering. Why, it’s the author! Old Pines is the odd cunt.

So, if we’re all prepared to behave as grown-ups and are comfy with a bit of profanity let’s carry on, shall we?

Who’s this fucker?

Old Pines is the author of the stories, blogs, and so forth on this site. Pines is forty years old, open to any pronouns, father to one too-much-like-him sapling, and husband to a woman who has begrudgingly weathered his bullshit for twenty-one years. They live together in Arkansas, a fact which became even less fortunate than usual in the spring of 2021 with the introduction of several bills directly or indirectly targeting LGBTQIA+ people…specifically: transgender people…even more specifically: transgender youth…even even more more specifically: the aforementioned sapling. After the third bill, the family was stoking their incredulous rage for a fight. After the sixth bill, they decided that Arkansas had made quite clear that LGBTQIA+ people are not safe within its borders. The Pines clan made the difficult choice to seek asylum elsewhere. Debate and research yielded one option: New Mexico, OP’s birthplace, a state with a better environment for LGBTQIA+ people, and one with a climate that would be better for the trio’s health. Like too many folks in the Gen-X and Millennial demographics, OP and his wife worked to sustain the family but could not fit significant savings into their budget. Up against a deadline of a few months, the only option that seemed viable was to create a GoFundMe campaign to make their escape possible. That campaign can be found here. Donations are open currently and the family appreciates every contribution and each time that someone shares the campaign page with others. The possibility of getting out of Arkansas and settled in New Mexico is enormous, but equally important is the continued spread of this message: legislation aimed at diminishing the human rights and human dignity of transgender people has impacts far beyond its stated target. Cisgender heterosexual and homosexual folks feel the effects as well. Your help getting the word out means the world.

Pines also has just about reached his limit for talking about himself in the third person. So…henceforth on this page I’m going to talk a bit more directly.

Wait…That’s “furry”!

Examples of my stumbling attempts at wordcraft have already been shared on a handful of websites. The themes of those locations — all of which are couched in the anthropomorphic animal fandom community — fit the stories that have been woven so far; however, they leave little in the way of room for expansion into other material, hence the creation of this site.

Those works which have been previously uploaded to fandom sites will be shared here as well. Some works may have content which isn’t particularly befitting “polite company” (whatever the fuck that is); so, readers may be asked to confirm their age before proceeding into those areas. I will beg your patience with this and thank you deeply in advance for your understanding.

Where’s that feedback?

Comments are always encouraged on the stories posted herein. I am, at best, a novice writer and always interested in growing through feedback. If you loved something about a story or loathed something about one (or anything in between), please tell me.

Wholly thankful fellow

I appreciate you for stopping by and for taking the time to read! If you like what you find here and find yourself wanting to support my continued efforts, donations are welcome on my Ko-Fi or via CashApp.

Thank you, also, for sharing these works with any friends, loved ones, or unwitting strangers who may be interested in my textual nonsense!

~ Old Pines

Worlds taking form…

I’ve always faffed about with storytelling in one fashion or another. Due to work and family obligations taking precedence, I don’t have a set release schedule for writing projects. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. While the site gradually takes form, please consider reading one of the stories below. Both are in the process of being edited for posting here.

Recovery Efforts

Through Fire

Writers’ Tomfoolery
Quiction Writing Exercises

Feedback encouraged, critique appreciated!

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