Worried Trans Father

The conservative government of Arkansas is in the midst of an all-out assault on the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly youths battling with gender dysphoria. A spate of bills, issued by the State House and Senate, have been aimed at transgender girls in school sports, gender transition therapies for minors, and preventing people and institutions who refuse medical care on the basis of “conscience” from facing consequences for their actions.

Shared Experience

A wedding party joins the bride-and-groom-to-be for surprise excursion that ends up being more of a surprise than the attendees anticipated. This LGBT+ inclusive erotic vignette features anthropomorphic animal characters. I respect if that’s not your cup of tea. For those whose cup of tea it is—and those who don’t mind sipping from other than their usual fare—I thank you for visiting and reading. Feedback is welcome, indeed encouraged. A shiver ripples up your back, triggered by the growing murmur of voices in the lobby. It isn’t crowded, but the dark granite of the floor and walls picks up the voices and multiplies them into a pervasive drone. The slender figures of a tall cheetah and taller greyhound stand at the reception counter opposite the entrance. They kept details of tonight’s event quiet from all of you, and most of the invitees are abuzz with six months worth of accumulated …

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