Chapter 6 of Recovery Efforts

Cat’s Got Your Tongue

Alder’s low whistle echoed off the walls of the expansive hotel room as he and Cat dropped their belongings next to the chest of drawers that occupied the wall closest to the door. An enormous window before them opened onto a balcony that overlooked a small stretch of coastline north of Sydney. Inside the room, a broad bed with a rich, dark brown comforter occupied about a third of the floor space, tucked back against one wall. The table, chairs, armoire, and chest of drawers all had simple, elegant lines. Mounted on the wall over the dresser was a wide television. The bathroom door stood open near the door to the corridor. Inside, they saw spotless white tiles leading to a walk-in shower and a tub that could have comfortably fit four people. Both of them shed their boots near the door and left them against the wall. Alder flopped onto the bed and stretched out on his back, while Cat skipped out to the balcony. The rabbit’s mood had brightened considerably after he had suggested that she join him. As amusing as he found the change in her demeanor, he was just as happy. When she came back into the room, she plopped down to sit next to him on the bed.

Placing one paw on the puma’s chest, Cat leaned down and planted a kiss on his nose. As she hovered over his face she asked, “Ye sure about this?”

“Sure about what, bun?” He lay with his eyes closed, purring.

She snickered and pecked him on the nose again. It was adorable when a cat meowed while purring; a voxie puma talking through a purr conjured the delightful image of someone trying to hold a conversation while riding a jackhammer.

“This, y’daft bugger,” she sat back up and motioned to the room at large.

“I dunno, a king size bed should be enough. Though, I guess we could have gotten a suite, if you really wanted a whole bed to yourself,” he murmured. “Waste of money, though; seeing as how you’d just sneak into bed to snuggle again anyway.”

She tweaked his whiskers. “No, us. We’re practically strangers, are ye sure ye want tae do this?”

Alder opened one eye and glanced at her with a smirk that flashed one of his long canines. “Says the bunny who coaxed me into her tent to get me drunk and fuck me,” he drawled.

“That’s just what I mean, though!” she growled, getting up from the bed and pacing back to the window. She stood there, watching the shadow of the hotel and the surrounding buildings creeping slowly out over the sea. It had taken most of the day waiting in lines to get through check out procedures. Then there was the ride down to Sydney. “I wanted that. Hell, I still do. But talking with you last night—” 

The soft thump of her forehead against the window made the puma sit up and watch her more closely. Her head thudded gently against the glass a couple more times before staying pressed to it. Her ears drooped down her back, a dark waterfall over her light colored shirt, and her tail sagged. 

When she spoke again, her voice was low. “I liked it. Just spending time with you. I probably liked it more than I would have the sex. I’ve enjoyed talking and joking with you for almost every minute of the last twenty-four hours, Alder. I haven’t grown tired of it, even though ye sometimes push my buttons, like just now. I want tae keep doing that. Talking, learning more about each other. My last actual relationship was shite and I’ve been out of the mix for longer than I care tae think. I dunno if I want something emotional between us, but I dinnae think I’ll be able tae avoid it. I also don’t think I’d be happy with just one night of casual sex.”

The bunny hadn’t heard him approaching across the soft carpet. She jumped when he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his muzzle to the top of her head. “Same here, bun,” he whispered into the fur between her ears. Louder he said, “So, let’s make a deal. You stay here with me for five days and six nights of casual—and maybe not so casual—sex and, in between grinding pink bits together, we see if we can’t get to know each other a bit more. Worst case scenario:  we figure out that we don’t get along or you realize that ‘big cat’ is kind of a subjective term when contrasted against a fucking horse. If things go south, we go our separate ways. Best case:  we find that we fit together in a whole bunch of nice ways and we figure out what we’re gonna do about it.” He kissed her head again. “What do you think?”

The rabbit spun in his arms faster than he could have imagined. She was up on her toes, her mouth was on his, and the room faded away around them. Plush, velvety fur tickled his nose, sending tingles down the back of his neck. A tiny tongue darted between his teeth and grazed the tip of his. They broke apart briefly for breath, then dove in again. 

She nibbled lines down his neck and back up his throat to his chin. Growling, he nipped at her twitching nose and kissed her from her forehead to her ears. One of his paws caressed down the back of her neck, tracing her spine with a light touch from the tips of his claws. Cat shivered and her teeth clamped onto his shoulder With a moan she pressed her body against his. Encourage by her reactions, the puma licked the rim of her ear and nibbled at its edge. Now her paws were pressed to his sides, pushing him back; her claws gripped tight the fabric of his shirt.

The backs of the big cat’s legs bumped into the soft comforter on the bed. They toppled onto it, Alder beneath her, without breaking contact. His paws ranged down Cat’s sides, feeling her firm-yet-soft body beneath the t-shirt that she wore. She squeaked and sighed when he gripped handfuls of denim and bunny rump in his paws. One paw continued to squeeze while the other slid over to her tail and grasped it loosely. Her breath hitched again when she felt the length of her tail slide though his pads. Cat pushed against his chest, raising herself up. 

Alder panted out a little, disappointed moan as she crawled off of him; but it fell immediately into a low growl lust when he saw her shirt drop past the edge of the mattress. The bunny made quick work of the rest of her clothes and climbed back onto the bed to work on his. Soft light from the windows highlighted her dark fur with a soft brown glow. As she knelt beside him and relieved him of his t-shirt, he continued exploring her with one paw; the pads of his fingers ran through the fur of her abdomen and traced faint furrows in search of the heat between her legs. Meanwhile, she ran her claws through the creamy white fur of his chest. She pressed her nose against his sternum, breathing in his scent and trailing the movements of her paws with quick, nuzzling kisses until she reached his waist.

Deft fingers flicked open the button and zipper of his trousers, then gripped the seams at the sides and pulled pants and underwear down his legs in one motion. He kicked the fabric free just as his paw found what it sought. The first pads of two of his fingers slid along either side of her sex and circled her entrance. The flesh there protruded slightly and in the center he felt a Y-shaped cleft. Her fluids immediately saturated the fur of his paw. 

Holy fuck! She’s soaked, he noted.

She groaned from the contact and reached for his cock. No sooner had she gabbed it, sliding his sheath down over its length, she released it and gasped, “The fuck?”

Alder snickered. “First time running across those?”

She stared at his dark pink, tapered shaft and the lighter spines that formed a wide band around it, just above where his sheath was bunched up. They were short, semirigid and disconcertingly sharp-looking. The rabbit glanced at her paw and realized that they hadn’t felt particularly sharp on her pads, just…different. “Yeah,” she whispered, “I mean, I’d heard; but….”

Keeping one paw on her pussy, he took one of her paws in his other and brought it to his muzzle. He kissed and nipped at the fur-fringed pads of her fingers and palm, then ran his rough tongue along each. Her fingers spread reflexively and her arm shivered. 

“These barbs are a good deal harsher than those. Was that uncomfortable?” he purred. While he waited for her answer, he slid his middle finger along the lines of her wet cleft and paused at the middle of the ‘Y’ with the rest of his paw lightly gripping her mound.

She shook her head. Her teeth were clamped on her bottom lip beneath the flaring chevron of her nose, and her eyelids drooped with lust. He smiled up at her and slowly guided her paw back down to his bare, throbbing flesh. Gently wrapping her fingers around his shaft, he watched her face for a reaction.

Cat’s eyes widened at the touch of Alder’s hot skin and its contrast to the cool of her pads where he had licked them. The spines were still strange but not unpleasant. They flexed ever so slightly as her paw raked across them and stiffened with every twitch of the puma’s cock. She leaned down, mouth opening to taste him; but, at the last minute his paw rested on her cheek and drew her mouth up to his.

Breaking the kiss, he smirked at her and said, “Sorry, bun. I’m not a fan of that, uh…particular service.”

She sat up with a laugh and smacked his chest playfully with the back of her paw. “Bollocks! All guys are fans of ‘that particular’—” She broke off with a squeal and arched her back. Alder’s middle finger had sunk to the second knuckle in her and he was teasingly tickling the surrounding lips with his thumb.

“Not me, Cat. Never have liked it. Do you? Receiving, that is.” 

Her paw and pussy both squeezed around him and she nodded. The puma watched the way that her chest moved with her shallow, quick breaths. Now and then, his finger or thumb would find a nerve and elicit a twitch in her hips and a matching spasm from her pelvic muscles. 

“Well then,” he said as he withdrew his finger, grabbed her sides, flipped her onto her back and straddled her, “it’s my turn!”

They locked lips again, reveling in each other’s taste. Alder’s paws roamed across her body; here rubbing, there dragging claws through her fur. The rabbit turned out to be incredibly sensitive to touch; though, not to the point of ticklishness. He worked his way down her velvety abdomen in a series of meandering licks and nibbles, all the while inching his body farther back, until his legs slipped off the edge of the mattress. Cat lay panting and frozen, but for the occasional twitch when her partner found a nipple or other sensitive spot in his explorations. Her gasps were broken by occasional whispered guidance, begging the puma to linger or hurry on. 

Alder reached the valley between her legs and the wet, twitching mound in its midst with a growl of anticipation. Pale skin showed through the thinner fur between her legs. Her fragrance was overpowering there, between her arousal and her scent glands. He teased around her pussy, never quite touching it with anything but his breath, using slow licks and nibbles. Just when Cat was braced, certain she would feel the coarse heat of his tongue on her sex, his mouth wandered away. He drifted down one leg, nipping at the tendon that pulled taut at her hock and dragging his tongue down the furred length of her foot to worry the fringed pads of her spread, straining toes with his incisors. This got to be too much for the bunny and her foot involuntarily jerked out of his paws. 

With a chuckling growl, Alder returned to her inner thigh and slid his tongue down in one smooth motion to the top of her mound. He paused, watching her face with a question in his eyes. Her nod was at once pleading and demanding. Needing no further answer, he dove in. 

The heat of Alder’s long, broad tongue enveloped her entire vulva. Rather than the scouring sensation that she expected, there was just an odd, bumpy feeling and a delicious warmth. The puma, knowing well how tongue barbs could feel on sensitive flesh, ran his tongue downward across her cleft. The rear-pointing barbs slid, harmless and tantalizing, over the wet folds. On the return stroke, he focused the pressure on the barbless tip of his dexterous tongue, ending with flicks at the top of the Y. At odd intervals, his tongue, lips, or teeth would deviate from her folds to address the surrounding skin. The rabbit’s hips rolled with the patternless repetition of these motions. He finally had to place one paw on her belly and grasp her ass with the other to hold her somewhat still and avoid either of them getting hurt. 

Lost in her partner’s ministrations, Cat’s paws wandered: now rubbing her chest, now covering her mouth to stifle her louder noises, now grasping desperately at Alder’s head and ears. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she rode the sensations from her groin. She failed to stifle a particularly loud moan when the big cat tightly rolled his long tongue and worked it deep into her with firm thrusts that sent waves of building heat radiating through her. While doing this, he continued softly working her swollen vulva with his lips and teeth, paying close attention around the front of her cleft. His paws, independent of conscious thought, began flexing and relaxing, gripping her fur and pressing his dulled claws against her skin. Time became fuzzy for both of them, lost in the scents and sensations. 

Suddenly, the rabbit’s voice changed to a deeper moan that rose to a snarl as her jaws clenched and her thighs squeezed around Alder’s head. Any sense of rhythm in her movements was lost and her belly tightened beneath the puma’s flexing paw. Her head lifted from the bed and tilted to the side, eyes shut tight, eyebrows twitching and arching, and ears laid back and quivering. Her hands gripped and clutched at Alder’s head. Around his tongue he could feel the pulsing contractions inside her. As the pulses slowed, he withdrew his tongue and lay his chin on her pelvis, just above her mound. He licked his lips and purred softly as he watched her come down from her climax, enjoying the rabbit’s writhing pleasure until she patted him unsteadily on the head.


Her back arched anew. “Ah! Sen…seneeeeheeheee,” she twisted and squealed, pushed his head away from her throbbing pussy. “Sensitive! Lay off, ye rumbly bastard!”

Alder chuckled and crawled up to lay down beside her. Cat hugged him close and nuzzled him, still panting and quivering. He ran the pads on one paw over the soft fur of her head and she reached down to stroke his penis. His arousal from tasting her had generated an excess of pre-cum, leaving his bumpy shaft slick and the surrounding fur matted. Her paw slowly worked up and down his length, coaxing small bucking motions from his hips and more thin, transparent arousal from his tip. Each dribble of fluid from his cock only added to the lubrication of Cat’s paw.

Huffing irregularly, the puma held her tight. The soft skin of her pads and the plush fur between them felt incredible. He was building quickly, though. Far too quickly.

“Bun…,” he whispered into the fur of her forehead, lurching with a particularly deep thrust. “Ah! Fuck, Cat,” he groaned, “I’m—”

The rabbit interrupted him with a deep, slow kiss. Her paw slid down to the bottom of his shaft and pressed gently against his pelvis. Her finger pads clutched softly around the spines and squeezed in rhythmic waves from her pinky to her thumb and index finger. Everything dissolved around Alder, leaving two bright points of stimulus: his mouth and his cock. He burst in her paw, with a choking groan. The first pulse of his ejaculation hurled a thimble’s worth of seed over both of their heads to land on the comforter. Each successive pulse was weaker, leaving a sticky trail of semen down his chest and belly.

Through his ragged panting, Alder was dimly aware of Cat’s lips and tongue, nibbling and licking at his fur. When he finally opened his eyes, she had cleaned almost all of his release from his torso and was playfully licking at the tip of his still hard member.

He flinched and sucked air through his gritted teeth at the warm, flicking touch of her tongue on his still-tingling tip and snickered. “Payback, eh?”

“Turnabout is fair play.” They kissed again and he could taste himself faintly on her lips.

The pair showered together, each taking time to help the other wash, lingering overlong in some places. By the time they finished and dried off, the sky outside the window was deep, purplish blue with faint orange fire still painting the scattered high clouds. They dressed and went out to find dinner.


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